• Comes with 10 lens
  • 5 days of wear
  • Coloured contact lenses to enhance your natural eye colour
  • Daily lenses: super-convenient and hygienic
  • High water content for healthy, hydrated eyes
  • 4 great shades to choose from

FreshLook Grey Daily Lens

  • FreshLook One Day contact lenses, from leading optical specialists Ciba Vision, are daily coloured contact lenses that offer a range of shades to complement and enhance your natural eye colour. These daily disposable coloured contact lenses are available for both cosmetic or prescription use, simply select your tint and then, if you don’t need sight correction, select 0.00 as your power.

    FreshLook One Day are comfortable to wear and easy to use, even if you’re not used to contact lenses. Made from Neflicon A, these are soft and flexible lenses that sit securely throughout the day and are have a high water content to ensure that your eyes stay hydrated. The result is a fresh, healthy feeling and an eye-catching look.

    If you have blue eyes, we recommend trying either the Blue or Grey FreshLook shades to add striking depth. Those with brown eyes may want to experiment with Pure Hazel, which will lighten the darker parts of the eye. Green eyes can be made even more vibrant using the Green tint.

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